Beargrass Thunder

Beargrass Thunder is a group founded by Louisville natives Jody Dahmer, Richard Stottman, Nikole Thomas, and Dr. Mariah Corso. We publish a variety of content such as videos, articles, and blog posts on Louisville & Kentucky-centric topics such as nature, wildlife, biodiversity, art, culture,  folklore, technology, infrastructure, and more!

We delve into different perspectives and viewpoints and how these topics relate to Kentucky and surrounding areas. We promote art and take action to improve our local environment and ecosystems! We  want to learn about how to make our community a better place by being here.

What's with the name "Beargrass Thunder"?

Brainstorming the entire premise on the long drive home from Burkesville Kentucky, we came up with the name "Beargrass Thunder". It works as a combination between "Beargrass" - as in Beargrass Creek running through Jefferson County, and "Thunder" - as in the annual Thunder Over Louisville fireworks festival. 

Who are we?  We are #TeamBeargrassThunder!


Jody was raised  between Louisville and Cumberland County, KY all his life.

Graduating from WKU, he wants to be a voice of change in the commonwealth, an advocate for a new generation of farmers in urban areas, and bring creative skills to the next generations of Kentucky students regardless of background or geographic location in the state.


Richard is a music producer born and raised in Louisville, KY. Having studied Audio Engineering at IUS, he loves using his skills in audio and video production to work on creative projects of all kinds. In his free time, he releases electronic music and participates in competitive gaming under the alias 'cyntrix'. He cares deeply for Animal and Environmental Welfare, Food Injustice, Racial Equality, and is Director for Beargrass Thunder.


Mariah hails from Pittsburgh, PA. Not only was she born and raised in the Steel City, but she also obtained her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Duquesne University!

With a recent move to Louisville, KY and a love for technology, Mariah is excited to be a part of the scene here in the commonwealth.

Executive Assistant

Growing up in Louisville, Nikole developed her skills and interests in art, poetry, photography, and video editing early in life. She loves walking, biking, and exploring around her neighborhood. Caring for small animals such as hamsters, mice, and rats is extremely important to her. Her dream is to one day open a small-mammal rescue operation. After becoming engaged to Richard, she joined Beargrass Thunder as a Camera Operator and Behind-The-Scenes Technician.

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