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Awkward Maps: Louisville - Connecting Neighborhoods with Alleys and Transit

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Jody Dahmer from Beargrass Thunder shows the maps he made demonstrating how we can use Louisville's network of alleys and transit to reconnect our neighborhoods.

To see more awkward maps, check out Jody's article here.


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1 Comment

It's amazing how the author explores the unconventional ways in which neighborhoods can be interconnected. The use of alleys and transit as connecting routes brings a sense of vibrancy and community to these areas.

One particular aspect that caught my attention was the inclusion of an auto parts store within this network. It's such a unique addition that adds an unexpected yet practical element to the map. I can imagine how convenient it would be for residents to have easy access to an auto parts store within their neighborhood. It not only caters to the practical needs of the community but also enhances the overall character and functionality of the area.

The author's creative approach to mapping out these unconventional…

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