Awkward Maps: Just how Connected IS Louisville, KY?

Updated: Aug 26

We have a tale of two cities in Louisville. Whether it is Beargrass Creek or the interstate/railroad, natural and man made barriers have separated black neighborhoods from wealthier white ones in our city since its founding.

Beargrass Thunder wanted to showcase the current transit conditions of our city, and what we could do differently using the current infrastructure we have.

This is a snippet from the Cooper Center at the University of Virginia from the 2010 Census.


Can you go to the South End in a straight line?


1. Can you get from the West End (Shawnee and Chickasaw Park) to the East End in a straight line?

2. Can you go South from the Ohio River in a straight line?

3. How many alleys does Louisville have?

4. What are the BEST alleys to social distance during COVID but ALSO get to food/shopping areas?

5. How many roads lead to J-Town?

6. How many roads in Smoketown/Shelby Park connect to other neighborhoods?

7. How many roads in Beargrass Creek neighborhoods (Germantown-Paristown /Meriwether Ft Hill / Schnitzelburg Connectivity ) connect to other neighborhoods?

8. How can all this be used to design a better transit system?


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