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"Beargrass Alley": Knowing how to improve a space by listening to nature

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

We can learn a lot be merely observing nature around us! Jody and Mariah visited the trailhead of what we like to call "Beargrass Alley," which is nearly a mile long, traveling in a straight line from Finzer St. to Goss Ave, with the parking lot of Logan Street Market serving as a halfway point!

Jody points out the patch of mud on the access point to the sidewalk which has been building up for years. This could prohibit the use of the sidewalk for a wheelchair user, or someone who is disabled. The city could install means to keep the sidewalk clear while respecting where rainwater tends to build up fairly easily.

Mariah demonstrates that you can look at where the leaves build up on the concrete and see the path traffic is taking through the alley. You can see all the unused and wasted space that could otherwise be helping and benefiting the residents of the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for more updates on this "Beargrass Alley", and check out our other Kentucky Alley Projects and State of the Alley videos!


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Check your street names. The alley ends a Goss not Gauss. I enjoy your videos, but you need to spend some time thinking about why things are the way they are. The curb cuts gather debris because the alley is a drain. All the asphalt that the alley is made of means that rain has to go somewhere and the camber of the alley first sends it to the curb which then carries it to the street and the storm drains and eventually Bear Grass creek. So if you restrict it at the curb to the street it would cause the alley to flood. It's another reason why the leaves lie in the curb and decompose. For instance the hou…

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