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Become a Beargrass Bud and get free KY-native seeds!

For a limited time (while supplies last), all members of Beargrass Thunder's patreon will receive a complimentary 'Beargrass Blendz: Pollinator Power' KY-native seed packet in addition to the many benefits the membership already offers!

During these uncertain times, we can support each other! As a small and local growing business we can use any help we can get, and we promise it will be worth it!

Some of the many benefits you can expect from our "Beargrass Budz" membership are:

  • complimentary seed packets

  • merchandise discounts and coupon codes

  • personalized messages

  • voting on and requesting video subjects

  • shout outs at the end of BGT videos

  • exclusive content

  • early access

  • VIP tickets

  • special opportunities

  • and more!

Become a 'Beargrass Bud' now, starting at just $3!

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