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Beargrass Business Feature - Nana's Print Shop & Crafts

Beargrass Business is a new feature section of Beargrass Thunder where we interview local artists and businesses around the Beargrass Creek watershed.

Questions We Asked

Rundown of business, socials, what's next this summer?

As a child, when I got in trouble I would be given two choices -- the easy way and the hard way. The easy way was to admit that I had done wrong (impossible!) and the hard way was to maintain my innocence, but accept the punishment. I almost always chose the hard way, once turning around after a spanking to smugly reply "didn't hurt." Even at a young age spite was a primary motivator. To this day I often opt for "the hard way," at least when it comes to crafting/making. Why? Great question, wish I knew, but some monkey-brain impulse is always telling me "start from scratch!"

What this most often looks like for Nana is making do with as much of what I can from what's around me. Nana seeks to produce products that are a little off-beat or divisive, but in a fun and clever way! My bread and butter is lino-cut prints, though I've always got something on the back burner. I am hoping to use the summer to explore scale and build inventory before switching into holiday mode in the fall. Gumroad ( coming soon!

Socials: You can find me on Instagram @NanasPrintShop and on the web at and My email is

What's next: Nana is one step closer to bringing an idea into reality with repurposing board game scraps into notebooks, so stay tuned! I plan on employing a dynamic pricing model for them as well, which I am very excited to see play out. I would also like to shamelessly plug Nana's WonderMachine -- a converted sticker/temporary tattoo vending machine residing at TOZA on Barret Ave -- which for four quarters will add some sparkle and whimsy to your life!

Anything you want to say about being an artist

In my art, I hope to instill a human touch. I don't want it to be perfect. I want it to look like an ape who learned how to read made it for you and not a machine!

Buy local art! Even a sticker or the cheapest thing at the booth/store! If you say "I love it," I need to see you buy it. I love the complements and that something I've made has resonated with you, but the bank only accepts cash! So, if you really want to flatter an artist or vendor -- buy something! I don't like living under late-stage capitalism either, but while we're both here why not buy a print to distract yourself from reality, if only for a minute?

Nana is staunchly anti-glitter, yes even bio-glitter (the science is still out!).

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