Beargrass News Roundup: 11/21/2019

Updated: Jul 21

It's time for another exciting installment of Beargrass News Roundup-- where we find research and share it with you, our readers.

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Beavers in Beargrass? A Beargrass Beaver?

For the first time in decades, beavers (the animal!) have been spotted in Beargrass Creek, the largest urban waterway in the city of Louisville.

This is great news, just as it is undergoing a groundbreaking $3 million dollar restoration plan courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers. This plan will review what it would take to restore ALL THREE FORKS of the Beargrass Creek watershed and change its role from an urban sewer to a community asset.

If we look at it through the linear park model, this this could be a bike or pedestrian path under 264 from major suburbs to downtown Louisville and the waterfront. Branding wise, this would be the urban answer to the Parklands of Floyds Fork and the new plans for a linear park in Southern Indiana.

Combined with the Louisville Loop in Jefferson County periphery, this would enhance quality of life for the suburbs by giving Boomers and Millennials a different way to commute to work and activities WITHOUT feeling like you are going to die.

Speaking of commuting....

Louisville commuters share the distinction of being the 2nd best drivers in the nation, although you wouldn't know it on Hurstbourne Parkway.

The average Louisvillian spends over 9 days a year alone in their car driving to work.

According to the Washington Post study, decreasing Kentucky's single occupancy vehicles (SOV) is the safest (hello, texting while driving) and more efficient way for cities to be able to support a larger population with the least amount of downsides (traffic, accidents, air pollution).