Beargrass Thunder 2020 timeline and recap

I'm not even going to make a 2020 joke. Here's a list of accomplishments Beargrass Thunder has made in the last year:

Beargrass Thunder in 2020


01/04 - State of the Alley: Kemmons Alley Art Project final update (12/31/19): The final update on the Kemmons Alley Art Project - we're chalking this up as a major success. We used art and nature to prevent drug use, break-ins, and other crime. working with the community we were able to make this into a safe place for residents to enjoy and connect with their neighbors. (video)

01/15 - Jody & Mariah make the move to Smoketown


In February we weren't able put out any content due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We did lots of back-end maintenance and behind the scenes work creating a roadmap for the year.


03/07 - Richard & Nikole make the move to Smoketown

03/26 - Isolation Vacation with Beargrass Thunder: We introduced a new segment to help people cope with quarantine and learn about gardening and nature while they were safe at home (article)

03/27 - Backyard Biodiversity: Bush Honeysuckle (article)

03/28 - Backyard Biodiversity: White Clover - pollinator plant (article)

03/28 - Backyard Biodiversity: American Bladdernut - pollinator plant (article)

03/29 - Sunflowers for our neighbors: the beginning of our "seedbank" and seed give-away events (video)

03/30 - Remember when that dude tried to sink the Belle of Louisville? (article)

03/31 - Backyard Biodiversity: Purple Dead Nettle - pollinator plant (article)


04/01 - Backyard Biodiversity: Spicebush - pollinator plant (article)

04/01 - Social Distancing at Shelby Park with Chip Rogalinski (video)

04/02 - Backyard Biodiversity in Smoketown [Part 1] (video)

04/04 - Backyard Biodiversity in Smoketown [Part 2] (video)

04/05 - Cloning trees from cuttings (video)

04/06 - Tree Cutting and cloning Tips & Tricks (video)

04/06 - Why is the Mountain Dulcimer the official instrument of Kentucky? (article)

04/08 - State of the Alley: Finzer - Mason [Smoketown, Louisville] (video)

04/11 - Redbud Tree - cool seed pods & edible flowers (video)

04/13 - Rod Ferrell: leader of the deadly 'Kentucky Vampire Clan' (article)

04/20 - Newport, Kentucky's World Peace Bell (article)

04/26 - the Ephemeral Wetlands of the Beargrass Creek Nature Preserve (video)

04/27 - Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Road (article)


05/04 - Why we chose the Sunflower as the 'Isolation Vacation' symbol (article)

05/11 - Jecorey 1200 Arthur - Louisville Metro Council D4 candidate interview (video)

05/17 - Awkward Maps: Just how Connected IS Louisville, KY? (article/video)

05/20 - Robert Bell for Louisville Metro Council D4 Candidate interview