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Beargrass Thunder 2020 timeline and recap

I'm not even going to make a 2020 joke. Here's a list of accomplishments Beargrass Thunder has made in the last year:


Beargrass Thunder in 2020


01/04 - State of the Alley: Kemmons Alley Art Project final update (12/31/19): The final update on the Kemmons Alley Art Project - we're chalking this up as a major success. We used art and nature to prevent drug use, break-ins, and other crime. working with the community we were able to make this into a safe place for residents to enjoy and connect with their neighbors. (video)

01/15 - Jody & Mariah make the move to Smoketown


In February we weren't able put out any content due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We did lots of back-end maintenance and behind the scenes work creating a roadmap for the year.


03/07 - Richard & Nikole make the move to Smoketown

03/26 - Isolation Vacation with Beargrass Thunder: We introduced a new segment to help people cope with quarantine and learn about gardening and nature while they were safe at home (article)

03/27 - Backyard Biodiversity: Bush Honeysuckle (article)

03/28 - Backyard Biodiversity: White Clover - pollinator plant (article)

03/28 - Backyard Biodiversity: American Bladdernut - pollinator plant (article)

03/29 - Sunflowers for our neighbors: the beginning of our "seedbank" and seed give-away events (video)

03/30 - Remember when that dude tried to sink the Belle of Louisville? (article)

03/31 - Backyard Biodiversity: Purple Dead Nettle - pollinator plant (article)


04/01 - Backyard Biodiversity: Spicebush - pollinator plant (article)

04/01 - Social Distancing at Shelby Park with Chip Rogalinski (video)

04/02 - Backyard Biodiversity in Smoketown [Part 1] (video)

04/04 - Backyard Biodiversity in Smoketown [Part 2] (video)

04/05 - Cloning trees from cuttings (video)

04/06 - Tree Cutting and cloning Tips & Tricks (video)

04/06 - Why is the Mountain Dulcimer the official instrument of Kentucky? (article)

04/08 - State of the Alley: Finzer - Mason [Smoketown, Louisville] (video)

04/11 - Redbud Tree - cool seed pods & edible flowers (video)

04/13 - Rod Ferrell: leader of the deadly 'Kentucky Vampire Clan' (article)

04/20 - Newport, Kentucky's World Peace Bell (article)

04/26 - the Ephemeral Wetlands of the Beargrass Creek Nature Preserve (video)

04/27 - Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Road (article)


05/04 - Why we chose the Sunflower as the 'Isolation Vacation' symbol (article)

05/11 - Jecorey 1200 Arthur - Louisville Metro Council D4 candidate interview (video)

05/17 - Awkward Maps: Just how Connected IS Louisville, KY? (article/video)

05/20 - Robert Bell for Louisville Metro Council D4 Candidate interview (video)

05/30 - Birds on the Beargrass: Northern Cardinal (video)

05/31 - Birds on the Beargrass: Common Grackle (video)


06/01 - Birds on the Beargrass: Northern Mockingbird (video)

06/01 - Birds on the Beargrass: Mourning Dove (video)


In lieu of content, we were educating ourselves about the racial injustice in our city, watching peaceful protests day after day in the wake of Breonna Taylor's killing. This was an extremely transformative month both for our understanding of the world, and the values of Beargrass Thunder as a whole.


08/01 - Beargrass Thunder featured on 'Reimagining the Public Commons' (audio)

08/02 - Roland Street Alley project update (video)

08/30 - Louisville Waterfront Botanical Gardens: One Year Later (video): While shooting the video, Mariah surprised Jody with a proposal - he said YES! Congrats, guys!


09/10 - Awkward Maps: Underappreciated Alleys & Problematic Transit (video)

09/10 - Awkward Maps: Louisville - West End/East End Disconnect (video)

09/10 - Awkward Maps: Louisville - Heading South from the Ohio River (video)

09/14 - Awkward Maps: Connecting Neighborhoods with Alleys and Transit (video)

09/14 - Awkward Maps: Louisville - East End Roads vs West End Roads (video)

09/19 - Change Today Change Tomorrow's new location & future plans (video)

09/20 - Smoketown Neighborhood Association Presentation (video)

09/22 - Urban Agriculture in Breonna's Roots' garden/Injustice Square Park (video)

09/23 - Breonna's Roots' garden and Injustice Square memorials (video)

09/23 - Beargrass Thunder featured on Louisville Protest livestream (video)


10/01 - SpooKY: Tortured Child's Revenge & The Watcher of Pilot's Knob (audio)

10/07 - SpooKY: The Twin Train Tunnels of Lambs Ferry Road (audio)

10/17 - SpooKY: The Goatman Monster of Pope Lick (audio)

10/20 - Awkward Maps: Bowling Green (video)

10/24 - BGT featured on The Louisville Proactivist Report @ Injustice Square (video)

10/28 - Falls City Community Bikeworks aids public amidst pandemic (video)


11/04 -