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Beargrass Yardens: Native flowers & vegetables you can grow in your own yarden!

Introducing Jody & Mariah's beautiful yarden!

Jody takes a tour of what the yarden is looking like at the beginning of July 2021.

Some highlights include:

We also talk about how compost bins work and how easy it is to get rich and healthy soil from food waste and kitchen scraps!

We even get to see a small Praying Mantis! Since the Praying Mantis is a predatory insect, it's a good sign that our "yarden ecosystem" is healthy with lots of different insects pollinating flowers and food. This is why biodiversity of plants as well as having shade, water, and year-long blooms are so important.

If you want your vegetables pollinated and be able to harvest, you need to sustain the ecosystem that makes it possible! No mosquito spraying - it kills all the bugs your yarden needs!


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