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Beargrass News: 07/19/2019

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

To all our fans, we here at Beargrass Thunder are immensely thankful for your support.

While doing research for our videos, we read dozens of articles on a variety of different topics every week. We would like to hand back our curated list of some of this week's most interesting articles and ideas. These are great for binging over the weekend, and if you see something you like, be sure let us know!

By advocating for what we want to replicate in Louisville, hopefully we can find like-minded people to help support our message (Looking at you, elected officials)!


Transit in Louisville is Finally Getting Better

You heard it here first, folks. Transit options in Louisville just keep increasing in downtown and the suburbs. There are 5 scooter companies currently testing out options on our streets. That’s great since apparently after spending $1.3 billion on new bridges , the state and city government. are shocked to find

. Whoops.

Our transit authority, the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) has also been in the news with some groundbreaking stuff.

A rundown:

  • TARC has an app that integrates with Lyft and Uber to get you where you need to go with a hybrid of transit options all in one app! It’s called Mobility-As-A-Service and it is the first of its kind in the nation!

  • New Mobile Ticketing and Tap-N-Go makes it so much easier to use the bus network in town!

  • The first-in-the-state Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system on Dixie Highway is getting ready to be launched later this year! Buses may never need to stop for traffic lights on Dixie if all goes well!

The new director of TARC, Cedric Merlin Powell, wants to change things around

Have some suggestions?

Check out their website


It could make a huge difference to the elderly populations we have in the East End, as well as your neighborhood. For teenagers and elderly alike, the suburbs can be a pretty isolating experience if you don't have a vehicle.

Make your voice heard! We definitely did!


Want to Change Eastern Parkway While You're Binge Watching?

Ah, Eastern Parkway. How the hell do I walk/bike on you safely and still get to where I need to go?

The solution is here and we need YOUR help to solve it! Go to

to make your voice heard!

There’s an interactive map that you can use

! Mobile friendly!


Louvelo On Track to Be Successful!

Speaking of bikes,if you really want some good news check out the monthly ridership increases on the city network of bike rentals! Over 700 people used the station at the Big Four Bridge in Indiana (*gasp*) this June alone! WOW!

We need more stations in the suburbs --especially Butchertown and the Highlands-- if we are going to have locals use the bikes as well as tourists, but it is definitely a start! If you want a pass, go to

to sign up!


Local Awesome Things You Should Care About

Buckle up and get ready for some serotonin because here are some articles about some kick ass local groups that are fighting every day to help our region get just a little more awesome.

Want to plant some trees this year, but it feels like the Devil’s armpit outside? Check out these two local non profits dedicated to helping Louisville's environment

Louisville Trees is a non profit devoted to planting native trees around Louisville. With a partnership with JCPS , they’ve been busy hiring local teens and teaching hundreds of schoolchildren about the importance of trees in our neighborhoods!

They are also looking for volunteers to help clean up Greenwood Cemetery in the Chickasaw neighborhood! Please go to their

for more information.

“Green Heart Louisville is a first-of-its-kind scientific experiment that will test if increasing green space in a neighborhood will improve air quality and human health. We are studying how Louisville's tree canopy affects heart health and risk for developing diabetes and obesity. Our researchers will investigate new ways to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity and develop a scientifically backed "greenprint" for creating healthier cities.” (U of L , 2019)

This experiment in urban living has planted thousands of large trees in neighborhoods across the South End of Louisville. Hopefully, the data will show that areas with large amounts of biodiversity and shade will have dramatic increases in quality of life.


Bingham Park: A Bugs Life 7/20 @ 5 PM

It is part of their neighborhood bike in series and fun for all ages!

For those not in the know, Frederick Law Olmstead is considered one of the greatest landscape architect of all time. It just so happens that Louisville is home to more still-existing Olmstead designed parks than almost any city in the world. This “emerald necklace” even makes up the parkway system of Eastern,Southern, Northwestern, Algonquin, Southwestern and Tyler Parkway.

To learn more and donate, go to


New Indiana Park Concepts Coming to Life

For all the crap that we give it, Southern Indiana is really coming into its own with two new parks on the horizon that seek to emulate the natural environment similar to the Parklands of Floyds Fork.

The first, Chapel Lake Park is an offshoot of the River Ridge Commerce Center on the other side of the I-265 bridge. $3.4 million USD later, and

The second is a more ambitious idea of creating a giant linear park connecting New Albany to Jeffersonville.

, headed by Scott Martin the former director of the Parklands of Floyds Fork, seems up to the task.. With millions of dollars already coming in, this 400 acre park will have Class IV Whitewater rapids, a SKY WALK through the forest, and a campground for anyone going to one of the many riverfront festivals happening in either Southern Indiana or Kentucky.

The River Heritage Conservancy recently hired OLIN (aka the design firm that

) as the head design firm on the project. This sounds like an interview might be in order.

A linear park is a weird word, but a great concept. Similar to the Olmstead Parkway model, a linear park connects spaces in a green , usually car-free environment. Europe and Asian cities currently use them with amazing results. Curbed has a great article about them



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