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Birds on the Beargrass: Common Grackle

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Adult grackles often have an iridescent appearance on their head, especially males. Common grackles are found in much of North America east of the Rocky Mountains.

Quick facts about the Common Grackle

  • The Common Grackle breeds throughout North America. They inhabit fields, meadows, shorelines, and urban areas.

  • Their diet usually consists of insects, minnows, frogs, eggs, berries, seeds, and even mice and other small bids.

  • Four to seven eggs can be laid in a single mating season. Female Grackles will make their nest just about anywhere.

  • These birds have been known to create nest colonies. Some reported colonies are as large as 200 pairs!

  • You can often find Grackles in outdoor eating areas. They are very opportunistic and intelligent, often scoping out family picnics and cookouts.

  • While Grackles have a distinctly sharp song, they are also able to mimic sounds of other birds and human noises, just not as accurately as the mockingbird.

  • Grackles often steal other birds and animals' food, and will eat just about anything.

  • These birds are known to travel in huge flocks, often taking over urban areas and public spaces.


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