Change Today, Change Tomorrow: barrier-free community services done right

It's no secret that Change Today, Change Tomorrow is Beargrass Thunder's #1 favorite nonprofit here in Louisville. Here's why:

Change Today, Change Tomorrow is a local Black-owned & Women-led nonprofit that provides barrier-free community service city-wide here in Louisville, Kentucky. Since CTCT launched in September 2019, this group has served over 100,000 marginalized Louisville residents. Not only do they combat racist educational structures by providing alternative education to marginalized youth, they fight #FoodInjustice - handing out fresh and organic foods, as well as implementing profoundly effective and efficient Public Health services & programming.

We at Beargrass Thunder had the pleasure of interviewing the mastermind behind this monumental project, Taylor Ryan last November (2020). They had just moved into their Butchertown location and treated us to a full tour before sitting down for an interview and chat.

This time, we returned to sit down with Andreana Bridges - Administrative Associate, and Tyler Warner - Operations Manager to discuss Change Today, Change Tomorrow's recent achievements, and dive deep into the group's innerworkings, morals, and philosophies on how nonprofits should be ran.

(1/5): recent achievements in Louisville public health & community services

Andreana & Taylor discuss what's been going on at Change Today Change Tomorrow since Beargrass Thunder last visited in November 2020. After the #FeedTheWest program took off, CTCT has expanded to five separate locations across Louisville, including Pocket Change, a program empowering Black-owned Business' interchange with white consumerism.

(2/5): Houseless outreach done right in Louisville

Houseless outreach & public health are some of the main focuses of CTCT. On a weekly basis they provide 100 hot meals and 100 cold meals, as well as "Change Kits" which contain a multitude of items that can help a person get through the week. The Umoja Team is able to mobilize extremely quickly and efficiently, recently making a pop-up shelter on the coldest nights this year in the less than 24 hours.

(3/5): Achieving amidst global pandemic

Change Today, Change Tomorrow got their start during the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, CTCT was mainly Taylor Ryan - Founder & Executive Director and Nannie Grace Croney - Deputy Director working hard to put programs together, which a lot of the time looked like Nannie cooking hot meals in her kitchen which were then distributed by her and Taylor straight to people in the city.

As a nonprofit that really started to get going during a time when restrictions were already in place, CTCT is unique in that they have already developed unique strategies to safely canvas and continue providing public health services to residents that other local nonprofits may not yet have access to.

(4/5): overcoming West End barriers & Gentrification in Louisville

CTCT is intentional about black-led organizations owning space in the West End of Louisville. Andreana and Taylor talk about some of the barriers against Black people having land access in Louisville such as discriminative redlining, and how to help fight against the inevitable gentrification in the West End.

(5/5): barrier-free public health & community services done right

Change Today, Change Tomorrow has some of the most efficient and effective outreach programs in the city. They are dedicated to providing accessible and barrier-free programming for Louisville residents. What this means is that everything the provide is free and accessible - they provide whatever service is needed, be it transportation, education, access to food, clothing, toys, equipment, etc - in a way that doesn't force people into filling out paperwork, having ID, personal vehicles, internet access, etc. The idea that people who are in need of help shouldn't have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get the help they deserve.

Change Today Change Tomorrow: Barrier-free public health & community service [FULL INTERVIEW]

Adapting to community needs: Taylor Ryan of Louisville nonprofit Change Today, Change Tomorrow

virtual tour - CTCT's new Butchertown location

Empowering Black-Owned Business

Pocket Change is a Black-Owned Business Product & Resource Hub by Change Today, Change Tomorrow strategically located in Louisville's NULU for Black-Owned Businesses to gain exposure & increase their customer base.