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A new initiative in Butchertown, 'Pocket Change', is a hub for Black Businesses to Bloom

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Change Today, Change Tomorrow (CTCT) announced a new initiative called 'Pocket Change', which aims to help boost black business by providing retail space in Butchertown.

Pocket Change will provide local Black owned businesses a storefront residency on Story Avenue to gain exposure and increase their customer base. There will be opportunities for wholesale and pop-up vending for businesses that come on board, with a portion of proceeds going to Change Today, Change Tomorrow.

I’m really excited to get to know more Black owned businesses in Louisville and give people the platform to change their spending – making the statement that there is value in the Black dollar. We are breaking ground in a predominantly white owned space.

-Corey Thomas, Creative Director for Pocket Change

Taylor Ryan, Executive Director and Founder of CTCT spoke about the inspiration behind pursuing a business initiative as a social justice, non-profit organization:

With all of the shops and boutiques throughout Butchertown, NuLu and Bardstown Road, I’m happy to direct this Black owned, Black led initiative and ultimately make a substantial impact in the community. I stand behind the Black women trailblazers of Change Today, Change Tomorrow and thank them for the opportunity to lead.
At Change Today, Change Tomorrow we believe in getting back to our roots. We know that NuLu has been gentrified by the whitest of residents and we’re here to Black the block up. Black Louisville is not confined to the West End. We are spread across the metro area – and now we’re in Butchertown.”

Change Today, Change Tomorrow’s #ChangeYourSpending is encouraging neighbors use their spending power to support black owned business. “We’re hoping everyone can spare some #PocketChange and support,” said Ryan.

If you want to check out Pocket Change for yourself, it's located in the Butchertown neighborhood just around the corner from Change Today, Change Tomorrow’s home office at ​1403 Story Avenue.

Beargrass Thunder was recently invited out to tour CTCT's new Butchertown location and speak on important issues and how they can be helped:

We hope to feature Pocket Change in a similar video very soon! We're excited to see these kind of initiatives around town and can't wait to see it for ourselves.


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