Dangers of Louisville's deadly Pope Lick Trestle

Updated: a day ago

Legends of the Pope Lick Monster have been passed down in our community for generations. Whether it's the sheep-man hybrid from the freak show escaping from a crashed circus train, a Native American skin walker seeking vengeance against new settlers in the region, or a satanic farmer sacrificing goats to fuel his transformation, they all have one thing in common: the Pope Lick Trestle is deadly. The dangers of the Pope Lick Trestle are no myth. Since its construction in the late 1800s, the trestle has been responsible for dozens of deaths and countless injuries, and has been a source of trauma for many victims, families, and railroad employees. While individual accounts of specific incidents are suspiciously hard to track down online, Beargrass Thunder has been able to consolidate a list of official news stories and articles regarding the dangers of the trestle.

The following stories remind us why it’s so important to resist the monster’s telepathic control - stay off the trestle.

Deaths and Injuries at Pope Lick Trestle

Savanna Bright (15) - 2019

Savanna Bright is the most recent-known tragedy that has occurred at the Pope Lick Trestle. On May 26, 2019 Savanna and her friend, Kaylee, were walking along the trestle on a Sunday night. They had been on the trestle a couple times before and were returning to take some pictures for Instagram when disaster struck. The two girls were caught out on the trestle when they noticed the oncoming train, but it was too late.

The wooden tracks were spaced just far enough apart, making it impossible to run or evade. Savanna, only 15 years old, was hit by the oncoming train. She died instantly. Kaylee managed to survive the fall from the trestle, but received life-threatening injuries that she continues to recover from.

Savanna’s photos on the trestle, along with many others who chose to take the risk, remain under the Pope Lick Train Trestle Instagram tag, serving as a grim reminder of the fate that people risk when they choose to walk out onto the trestle.