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Get started on your yarden with these gardening tutorials from the Louisville Seedbank

Get started on your yarden with these quick and easy gardening tutorials for beginners by the Louisville Seedbank!



1. Prepare your soil or potting mix and pot.
2. Fill your pot with soil
3. Put your seed about half an inch into the soil and gently cover
4. Water until soil is slightly damp


1. Dig a 4-6 inch hole
2. Make sure the plant will fit in the hole
3. Remove plant from pot and place in the hole
4. Lightly move the soil back in and around plant
5. Lightly water
Make sure you properly acclimate your plant before planting!

Grow bags are an excellent option for growing root veggies like potatoes, garlic, or carrots; many of them come with velcro flaps for easy access! The green velvet material protects the roots from the heat of the sun and also potential frost.

Bird netting is also a great and natural option to keep your plants safe from critters without the need for toxic sprays.


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I've always found that maintaining a garden brings about its set of challenges, especially when dealing with pests. While DIY solutions can be effective to an extent, sometimes professional intervention becomes necessary. I've had a positive experience with Lakewood Exterminating in the past when it comes to garden-related pest issues. Their expertise can be a game-changer in preserving the health and beauty of a garden. Great tutorial, by the way! Looking forward to implementing some of the tips and tricks shared.

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