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How Parents Can Prevent Nature-Deficit Disorder: A Complete Resource Guide

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

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Are your kids suffering from Nature-Deficit Disorder? With so many children spending more hours in front of screens, NDD is becoming an epidemic for families. Want to learn more about this disorder and how to reduce risks for your children? Well, check out this list of helpful resources on the benefits and ideas for getting children outside.

Why Should Parents Be Concerned About Nature-Deficit Disorder?

Okay, you may be reading through this list and wondering what Nature-Deficit Disorder is and why preventing it is important for your kids. If so, these helpful links can explain more:

How Can Parents Get Kids to Spend More Time Outside at Home?

Now that you have a better idea of how time in nature benefits your kids and how much time your kids need outdoors, you may need some ideas for getting your family outside more during the week. These at-home activities can help you out:

Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities You Can Do as a Family

If you really want to get your kids interested in the outdoors, use these resources to plan some outdoor adventures for the whole family.

Sports and Clubs That Encourage Time Outdoors

Another easy way to get your kids excited about spending more time outside is to get them involved in games, clubs and sports that promote education, fitness, and a love of nature:

Top 10 Health Benefits of Joining Boy/Girl Scouts

An Age-by-Age Guide to Picking the Best Sport for Your Child

How to Teach Kids to Love Running

Happy Camper: Is Your Kid Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

Protecting your children from Nature-Deficit Disorder can enhance their health, education and development. So keep this list of resources handy, so that you can encourage your kids to start spending more time outside.


Author: Emma Grace Brown

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