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Jim King Trail - greenway along Beargrass Creek south fork: Kentucky Nature Walks (6/18/19)

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

We had no idea there was a greenway along Beargrass Creek south fork directly behind the Louisville Zoo! We went to check it out and saw some awesome stuff along the way including fish, turtles, paw paw trees, as well as some trash, runoff, and litter making it's way into the creek.

While looking up parks listed on Google Maps around our our immediate area, we came across a place called "Jim King Trail" directly behind the Louisville Zoo. Neither of us had heard about it, and we made the impulsive decision to grab the camera and check it out (despite the crazy downpour of rain)!

Jim King Trail allows pedestrians and cyclists passage between Schuff Ln and the parking lot of the Louisville Zoo. It's nicely paved and fairly well-maintained, and has some interesting sights along the way. It's a short and easy walk, and you may even catch sight of some various zoo animals along the way!

Jody and I were excited to see fish and turtles in the south fork of Beargrass Creek, which we definitely were not expecting. There were a lot of paw paw trees, the only tree native to Kentucky to bear fruit, as well as other interesting locally native species.

We did see some trash and waste in and along the bank of Beargrass Creek which was upsetting, however an anonymous local resident who was clearing away some invasive honeysuckle made us aware that the communities around the trail were taking action to keep the trail maintained.

We're excited to go back sometime in September to check on the Paw Paw trees and see if we can harvest some fruit, as well as observe differences in the environment and ecosystem throughout the different seasons!

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