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Talking Urban Agriculture & Lawn Ordinances w/ The Louisville Proactivist Report @ Injustice Square

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Jody met up with The Louisville Proactivist Report at Injustice Square. After appreciating Breonna's memorial, Jody gave a rundown about what Beargrass Thunder is all about:

Some of the main points Jody touched on include:

  • Having a "lawn" is currently mandatory in Jefferson County Louisville Metro

  • The fact that it is illegal to grow food in your yard

  • How neighborhoods growing their own food could address food deserts and benefit the entire community

  • Breonna's Roots garden shows us how much food can be grown in such a small area

  • Crops harvested go straight to Change Today, Change Tomorrow to benefit #FeedTheWest

  • Beargrass Thunder has saved ~500 seeds so next spring they can be given out to people who want a piece of history and continue the legacy

  • The detrimental effect herbicide and insecticide has on ecosystems, neighborhoods, and communities as a whole

  • #SaveTheBees

  • 40+ crops grown at Roland St. Alley - more "food alleys"/"mini-food-forests"?

  • Plant identification in Breonna's Roots Garden

  • Seeds feed birds which are vital to the ecosystem

  • Seeds can easily be saved for future use

  • Louisville Metro land development code is currently up for review

  • The city's future plans for the park seem counter-intuitive

  • Contact your government representatives and advocate for the chance you want to see

  • Jody's background, and how he has been making "Awkward Maps"

  • One way streets and segregation in the city

  • Mandatory parking minimums for businesses in Louisville

  • Beargrass Thunder's plans for the future

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