Louisville protests & Beargrass Thunder content update

Hey, Beargrass Thunder fans - Richard here. The reason for the lack of Beargrass Thunder original content recently is that I have taken the time to go through actual footage from protestors on the frontlines, and edit them chronologically into vlog-style pieces of consumable media so that viewers can experience the events for themselves. We promise that normal Beargrass Thunder content will resume soon.

Here's the first video I've finished of the 5/29/20 Louisville protests:

May 29th Louisville protests & riots - live stream vlog (5/29/20 - Louisville, KY)

The thing that stands out the most to me in this particular video - While riot police moved on nonviolent protestors, using teargas, flashbang grenades, and pepper spray bullets to disperse peaceful crowds, Louisville Metro Police Department allowed rioters and looters to remain unchecked for hours on end as Fourth Street Live was looted and destroyed as well as many local businesses on and around South Fourth Street were vandalized. LMPD obviously had the means and resources to put a stop to this abysmal behavior and protect our city, but instead chose to assault innocent bystanders.

Local news coverage would have you believe that the riots were carried out by protestors, but you can clearly see these were completely different groups, and that these people taking advantage of the chaos were allowed to reek havoc on our city for hours, completely unchecked by LMPD.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, and it's your responsibility to stay informed! We at Beargrass Thunder are dedicated to providing reliable and unbiased information regarding local events. If you would like to see more protest footage, more videos and highlights are slowly but surely being rolled out over at louisville protest footage.

We hope that everyone stays safe during these crazy times, and we want everyone to know that we stand with our community. #blacklivesmatter #justiceforall

Richard Stottman is a 25-year-old music producer born and raised in Louisville, KY. Having studied Audio Engineering at Indiana University Southeast, he loves working on creative projects of all kinds using his skills in audio and video production. In his free time, he releases electronic music and participates in competitive gaming under the alias 'cyntrix'. He cares deeply for Animal and Environmental Welfare and acts as Creative Director for Beargrass Thunder. Richard Stottman can by contacted by emailing cyntrixproductions@gmail.com.

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