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Louisville Seedbank Project launches pilot program in Smoketown, Shelby Park, & Russell

The Louisville Seedbank Project is a pilot program for 2021 using donated seeds from various non-profits, business groups, and community residents in the city. The goal is to have monthly free giveaways depending on season (cole crops in March, annuals after Frost, etc) and encouraging urban agriculture in Louisville neighborhoods.

The pilot will be focused on the Smoketown, Shelby Park, and Russell neighborhoods Spring 2021 with the goal to make this county-wide similar to checking out books from a library. Eventually, we can find which seeds and cultivars of plants survive Louisville's wild temperature swings and withstand the Urban Heat Island effect.


Beargrass Thunder is helping with the Louisville Seedbank Project. We want to make seeds available and accessible to local residents. What makes this project unique is that we are looking to develop unique cultivars for Louisville neighborhoods to thrive in the micro-environments caused by the Urban Heat Island effect.

We're looking to get started with monthly seed giveaway in mid February 2021! Dates and times will be announced after the first volunteer call on January 20th. We are in need of distribution locations in Smoketown, Shelby Park, and Russell.

Keep up to date by following the Louisville Seedbank Project facebook page. If you're interested in participating, join the Louisville Seedbank Friends facebook group. Any questions and comments can be sent to while an official webpage is designed.

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