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LouVelo bikeshare: exclusive HQ tour, interview, and sneak peak of new electric bikes

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Matthew Glaser, the general manager of LouVelo local bikeshare program, invited us out to show us around the warehouse and talk with us about the program's goals to help the Louisville community. We also ended up getting to take the upcoming Louvelo electric bikes for a test drive, and spoiler alert: THEY ARE AWESOME!

Check out the videos below, and keep reading for more info about LouVelo as well as a free promo code so you can test out LouVelo for yourself!


LouVelo is Louisville's official bike share program, with more than 300 shareable bikes at over 35 stations across the city. It's quick and easy to rent a bike, and a fun and healthy way to get around. You can check out Beargrass Thunder's review of LouVelo bikes versus Bird escooters we did previously.

The LouVelo bikes really are convenient and accessible, especially since the program is integrated into the Transit app. Getting started is as easy as using the app (or one of the handy solar-powered kiosks), signing up, selecting a pass, and entering the release code on the bike dock.

The upcoming LouVelo electric bikes are actually amazing. It was very fun to take it out for a test drive, When you take off, the assisted pedaling technology immediately kicks in and adds a little "boost" to your acceleration allowing you to travel more quickly with less effort. It feels seamless and is intuitive; it's just like riding a normal bicycle except you can go much further without breaking a sweat, and match the speed of traffic without those first few seconds of tremendous effort.

While logistics and sponsorships of the program are still being figured out a release date has yet to be announced, but we will anxiously be waiting to see these blue bikes waiting to be taken for a spin downtown in the LouVelo docks.

Beargrass Thunder has been supplied with a special promo code for our viewers, so if you want to try a LouVelo bike out for yourself, here is your chance! For free "Blue Grass Pass" (unlimited 60 minute rides in a 24 hour period), download the Transit App, select "Purchase LouVelo Access Pass", and redeem promo code: BIKE4YOU. For more info you can visit their website at


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