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Roland Street Wrap Up: State of the Alley - Roland Street Alley Project

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Beargrass Thunder is wrapping up our work with the Roland Street Alley Project. We consider this concept project a huge success! We were able to prove that turning an underutilized space into a more welcoming area is possible! This project shows that we can grow viable food crops in an urban area just like this. We successfully attracted pollinating insects to fertilize crops as well as help wildlife and the local ecosystem.

While the Roland Street Alley Project continues to be an ongoing project, Beargrass Thunder will be focusing on new projects around town, so keep an eye out for new alley projects possibly around Deer Park and Tyler Park. We are also helping to start the Louisville Seedbank Project, and will be having free Kentucky-native seed giveaways in Shelby Park, Smoketown, and Russell neighborhoods.

Please consider donating to the Roland Street Alley Project mural fundraiser to have a mural painted by Often Seen, Rarely Spoken.

P.S. Sorry for the bad audio quality in this video. We're currently looking into solutions/getting lapel mics, windscreens, and better cameras in general.


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