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Shelby Park Wildflower Gardener CITED by Louisville Code Enforcement! (2021)

We interviewed Shelby Park community leader Chip Rogalinski as he was demolishing his garden due to recently being cited by the "Weeds" ordinance which prohibits any plant higher than 10" tall if deemed "uncultivated" by a code officer.

For more information on how to help change this code, go to our link here!

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Horace Brooklyn
Horace Brooklyn
Mar 16, 2022

Good afternoon! My wife is also into gardening, it's just a great hobby for her. After watching your video, I immediately showed it to her and she said she learned a lot from it. Please tell me, did you edit your video not with the help of here It turned out a high-quality video, with cool transitions at the beginning and at the end. I'm waiting for your reply, thanks.

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