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SpooKY: The Goatman Monster of Pope Lick

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This is our own spooky rendition of the classic Kentucky legend to help you get in the Halloween spirit!


It seems like everyone has their own version of this tale. You're not going crazy - we have posted about the Pope Lick Monster before! You can also check out our article about the very real dangers of the trestle.


Legends of the Pope Lick Monster are well-known among locals. Many have met their fate in this particular area of Kentucky. It’s as if there’s a supernatural aura around the old trestle that allows... improbable events to occur.
Some speculate the moon gives energy to the trees and the rocks, allowing the passage of ancient spirits who have witnessed violent atrocities of the past. Events that nature has soaked up leaks out into the air. When reality is this unstable, you must beware the looming danger of these deadly horrors.
It’s a brisk autumn night, and the moon is full. Your group of friends park your car beneath the trestle. The slam of the car door reverberates through the tree-tops. The creatures of the night grow silent, as if the forest itself acknowledges the group walking up a faint trail into the woods. The group seemingly showed no fear, teasing and accusing one another, spookily referencing the legends.
Deep in the forest, underneath soil and rot, a presence is awoken. Emerging from the dirt, a body takes form, bathing in the moonlight. Gaining power, building deep in the throat, a bellowing shout blasts up into the night sky.
The group of friends freeze in fear as the guttural roar reverberates all around them. They immediately break into argument, not noticing the fog slowly rolling down the steep hill.
Twigs and gravel crunch beneath the weight of the fully formed Goat Man. Fully lucid, he channels moonlight into druidic powers to stalk and influence his prey. Long and sharp horns allow the creature to have supernatural senses, magnetically honing in on intruders. Though he knows no language, he draws intellect from the knowledge of nature.
A profane stench permeates the air around your group. A chorus of noise builds around you, like nothing you have ever heard. Your energy is drained. You muster all your strength to step forward. Grass turns to gravel, and rocks to wood. The wind begins to blow as you look down, and realize you are on the trestle - how can it be? What is happening?
It’s as if telepathic tendrils are probing into your mind. Powerless, you drop onto the wood and steel, seizing in agony as the barriers of your mind are penetrated by an inhuman force. Paralyzed, you’re barely cognitive enough to acknowledge slow hoofsteps, softly approaching. Looming over you a beast stands so hideous beyond comprehension, your mind completely unfolds. You grow colder and colder, sharp and frigid ice form along your limbs as all of your body heat is sapped.
Everything goes blurry as you feel your soul dissipating, out and away from your body and into the night air. As you fade into nothing, the Goat Man begins his harvest. He bellows, once again, as a train thunders overhead.

Narrated by Wesley Carter

Audio, Music, & Video by Cyntrix Productions

Recorded October 2020


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