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SpooKY: Tortured Child's Revenge & The Watcher of Pilot's Knob

Updated: Sep 23, 2021




It’s time to learn about two anguished souls who haunt an accursed place in Kentucky. It’s the legendary Tortured Child’s Revenge & The Watcher of Pilot’s Knob.
In a small town called Pilot’s Knob in the rural county of Marion exists a haunted grave. While it may be small in size, it’s dark energy runs deep.
In the 1900’s a young mother and six year old daughter were accused of witchcraft. Forgoing the trial, they were hunted down, chased, and cornered by a mob of angry and god fearing townsfolk. They were captured, tied down, and lit ablaze. The mother: begging for the mob to spare her daughter’s life, cried out in anguish and rage, but to no avail. They were both burned at the stake.
After committing such an atrocity, the townsfolk began to fear dire consequences of their misdeeds. They took proper precautions to prevent the child from returning from the dead.
Even to this very day, the child’s body lays in a steel-lined grave. The earth and soil - replaced by concrete and gravel, with an interconnecting cross linked fence to prevent the undead child from leaving the boundary of her grave. The concrete has been warped to appear as though it has been pushed from the inside, and small, child-sized footprints have been reported by locals to mysteriously appear and vanish during the night.
Beware of this spectacle; if you come too close, an anguished child’s hand may just burst from the ground, latch onto your ankles, and pull you through the rubble, deep down into her grave for the rest of eternity.
However, another threat lurks in the accursed place that is Pilot Knob Cemetery.
It is said that the Pilot’s Knob Watcher looms around the child’s gravely prison, making its presence known by causing passerby to become fearful, and anxious. You feel so sure of a presence. No one is there, except you feel otherwise, like you KNOW deep down someone is standing right over your shoulder, just out of view. You can almost feel the breath on your neck as your hair starts to stand up. You have no other choice but to leave. Immediately.
Some say the Pilot’s Knob Watcher is the ghost of the mother, fueled by the rage and anguish for the brutal murder of her beloved daughter, destined to haunt her resting place, never able to reach her.
Others say The Watcher is a more sinister evil, a wraith to ensure the poor child remains within the bounds of her concrete and steel prison for eternity, lest she be pulled down to a deeper dimension of even further turmoil.

Narrated by Wesley Carter

Audio, Music, & Video by Cyntrix Productions

Recorded October 2020

Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction based on Kentucky folklore.


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Crittenden County, Marion, KY. Not Marion County. Crittenden native here, its a common mistake but thought I would share in case anyone wanted to visit :)

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