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SpooKY Season 2021: Creepy Kentucky Content will send shivers down your spine

Beargrass Thunder is excited to announce the start of 'SpooKY Season 2021' next week! We have loads of creepy Kentucky content planned for the next few months. Here's what to expect:

We will be releasing videos about Haunted Kentucky Roads, "KY's Underground Hell", and real deaths & injuries that have taken place at the legendary Pope Lick Trestle! These videos will feature original music, sfx, and narration. We hope these will be some of our highest-quality & effort BGT videos yet, and will set an example for our content moving forward.

You can also expect lots of articles and blog posts about paranormal places and hauntings in Kentucky. Have you ever heard about the atrocities committed at the old Lakeland Asylum at Louisville's own E.P. Tom Sawyer Park, or perhaps the hauntings of Bethlehem Academy in Elizabethtown!?

To top it off, BGT's 'Birds on the Beargrass' educational video series will be returning with a spooky spin, and will feature creepy creatures such as barn owls, crows, and bats!

The SpooKY Season officially starts next Wednesday, 9/1 and will continue until the 10th of November, so get out your spooky socks and decorations to join in on the fun!

Make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube Channel and following the Beargrass Thunder Facebook so you don't miss anything! If you value Kentucky-centric content like this, please consider becoming a 'Beargrass Bud' by joining our Patreon. Here, we post all kinds of exclusive content, grant early access, and post special opportunities that are only available to our members. Our Beargrass Buds make it possible for us to continue doing what we do!

Do you have any ideas for SpooKY Stories? We'd love to hear from you! Comment below, or email us at We hope you're ready to get SpooKY!

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