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SpooKY: The Twin Train Tunnels of Lambs Ferry Road

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This is our own spooky rendition of some Kentucky folklore to help you get in the Halloween spirit!



And now, Kentucky’s Twin Train Tunnels of Lambs Ferry Road.
Kentucky is plagued with haunted roads and railways. One such site is the infamous Twin Train Tunnels.
Way out in Ryland Heights, at the end of a long and desolate road, you can find two mysterious and seemingly abandoned train tunnels. Even during daylight, an eerie silence penetrates through the area. It’s as if the very air surrounding this place itself is warning you to keep out, yet another ethereal force draws you closer. As each step brings you closer, your fear and excitement grows - what kind of traps or treasures lay waiting in the darkness ahead?
As you’re nearing the entrance to the nearest tunnel, you catch a glimpse of movement - what was that? You try to squint but the autumn sun is shining too bright overhead. You can’t make anything out. You step forward, into the tunnel and out of the light, hoping that your mind is just playing tricks on you. You anxiously wait as your eyes adjust.
Is that… a man? You start to be able to make out a figure - it looks like a man in a white shirt and khaki pants, standing in the middle of the tunnel. “Hello?!” You call out. You try to listen. What is he murmuring? Does he need help? Is it just a crackhead? You lean forward as you start to make out what he’s saying.
Everything goes silent. You can see straight into his eyes. They glisten, and glow brighter. The light is blinding and just keeps glowing brighter. The air around you starts to suffocate you as the ground beneath you tremors and shakes. You try to close your eyes but the light is too bright. Your senses are overwhelmed. The air has been drawn from your lungs. Your organs painfully resonate from the vibration. Your pain surpasses threshold after threshold.
It’s too late.
While you may never unlock the mystery of the man in the tunnel, you can trust in the knowledge of dangers far more real. Deadly outcomes await for those who venture onto the active railroad tracks, privately owned by the CSX railroad company. Beware…

Narrated by Wesley Carter

Audio, Music, & Video by Cyntrix Productions

Recorded October 2020


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