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State of the Alley: Exciting new changes after Courier Journal article

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We wanted to make a quick update about the exciting changes that have taken place in the weeks after our article appeared on the front page of the Courier Journal!

Aside from some new art pieces that have been hung up, some great changes have happened in the alley recently! One of the two biggest changes that happened within 24 hours of the article being printed is all of the trash and abandoned junk that was once dumped in the big concrete block was cleared away. Now, there's space to store the abundance of shopping carts that were slowly taking over the area. The other big change being that the hotel repainted the entirety of the fence!

There have also been new donations of art pieces which are now being displayed, as well as some new patio furniture that appeared a little further down the alley. It seems like article has brought even more attention to the alley and has had a real impact. It feels great being able to take pride and feel safe in a space that has completely been transformed in the last 7 months.


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