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State of the Alley: More community involvement as the season changes (10/23/19)

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We're back again with some exciting new changes this week! Most notably, while Jody and Mariah were attending an out of town wedding, they were pleasantly surprised by a colorfully painted wall upon their return!

Some neighbors who live along the alley took it upon themselves to paint a portion of this concrete wall, adding some wonderful and vibrant color to the area. It made us so happy to find. Things like this are great because it reminds us that the alley is no longer a "one-man-show", but a true community effort, which is very important for projects like this. It shows that the alley can be an ongoing project, even as community members come and go, and continue to change for the better as time goes on.

In the video, Jody also shows and explains interesting changes in the ecosystem as trees, plants, and insects sense the change of season, and begin preparing for the cold months ahead.

We're also excited to branch out our Kentucky Alley Project, and have begun working with business owners along the Roland St Alley in Shelby Park to replicate what we have done in the Kemmons St Alley and bring another community the opportunity to participate in an awesome and uplifting project of their own! You can read a little more about it on out Kentucky Alley Project page, and stay tuned for more exciting news!

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