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The Wetlands of Arthur K. Draut Park in St. Matthews: Suburban Parks of Louisville

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Team Beargrass Thunder braved the cold and drizzly weather to check out Arthur K. Draut Park in St. Matthews!


Named for the Mayor of St. Matthews at the time, Arthur Draut Park was developed in 1994 for the purpose of water retention during times of heavy rains and flooding. During dry periods, the area is used by many locals for walking jogging, and connecting with nature and local wildlife.

Watersheds of Jefferson County. Look at all the creeks!

Beargrass Creek flows all throughout the park, providing many trees, plants, insects, and creatures an ecosystem in which to thrive. Along our journey we stop to examine all kinds of vines, seeds, wildflowers, and trees, and learn about their methods of reproduction and defense mechanisms. We noticed a lot of trees along the path like thorny honey locusts and osage orange were types that had evolved alongside giant ice-age mammals!

We would like to remind everyone who would like to visit these parks to respect the area and the creatures living within in. If you see an easily accessible piece of trash or junk, pick it up and throw it in the garbage bin at the front of the park, if possible. Your actions could very well be saving an animals life and can have a chain reaction that has a huge impact on our environment. Everything is connected!

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