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Jody & Mariah return to Truth to Power radio show to discuss Louisville Metro "Weed" Ordinance

Jody and Mariah return to Forward Radio's show Truth to Power to discuss the infamous Louisville Metro "Weed Ordinance" that is causing citizens cultivating native gardens, supporting pollinating insects & wildlife, as well as growing food to be fined. Listen to the most recent episode below! (aired 2/12/21 on 106.5fm WFMP & streamed on

Property Maintenance Code (PMC)- What Code Enforcement Uses to Fine Residents

§ 156.052 (D) EXTERIOR PROPERTY AREAS from the Property Development Code

(D) Weeds. All premises shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of ten inches. All noxious weeds shall be prohibited. Weeds shall be defined as all grasses, annual plants and vegetation other than trees or shrubs provided, however, this term shall not include cultivated flowers and gardens. Any plant growth exceeding ten inches in height on land of more than three acres that abuts another parcel which contains a dwelling or commercial building thereon other than crops, trees, bushes, flowers or other ornamental plants, shall be at least 50 feet from the property line or 200 feet from an occupied structure, whichever is less.

"This week on the Truth to Power Happy Hour, we gather around the microphones at the end of an icy week to thaw out with a little conversation among Forward Radio programmers, Justin Mog (Sustainability Now), Lonnie Griesbaum (Backtracks), and Jeff Levy (Outbreak: The Science, Policy and Treatment of Coronavirus), along with Forward Radio Community Partner, Doug Lowry (Sowers of Justice) and our special guests, Jody Dahmer & Mariah Corso from Beargrass Thunder, a local organization dedicated to improving our environment and community here in Louisville. Jody has done great work in creating outdoor spaces (e.g., in alleyways) that are sustainable, artistic and wildlife friendly.

Today we discuss the updating of Louisville's Land Development Code and the tyranny of the 10" standard for plants in our "weed" ordinance. We highlight the negative implications of Metro’s Inspections, Permits & Licensing enforcement and the resulting air, soil, water, and noise pollution! Do we need a code enforcement ombudsman or community review board?

We also tackle the problem of evictions and houselessness as the city just cleared another downtown encampment at Injustice Square this week in the face of some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in years and an eviction crisis brought on by COVID. Learn more and chip in at

But it's never all bad news, and we also shine a light this week on the approval by Metro Council of an ordinance calling for Equity in all Metro Government Department Budgets:…partment-budgets

...And we look to cities like Paris, where Participatory Budgeting is bringing genuine democracy to the way tax dollars are invested:…orating-democracy

Learn more about Louisville’s pilot project with participatory budgeting at…-money-our-voice

Learn more about Beargrass Thunder at

Check out the petition to amend the Land Development Code and Property Maintenance Code at…/edit?usp=sharing

Learn about the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative:

On Truth to Power each week, we gather Forward Radio programmers and friends to discuss the state of the world, the nation, the state, and the city! It's a community conversation like you won't hear anywhere else!

Truth to Power airs every Friday at 9m, Saturday at 11am, and Sunday at 4pm on Louisville's grassroots, community radio station, Forward Radio 106.5fm WFMP and live streams at"


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