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Reviews on the Abstract That May Not Be Accepted

As already clear from the previous paragraph, the review may not be accepted due to its incorrect execution. For example, if you do not specify a first and last name, anonymous reviews are not considered for protection. The same applies to the mail address. Of course, in comments of type it is impossible to use foul language and describe the situation with profanity and cattle slang.

In this case, the author of such a review discredits his own review, which is subsequently not taken into account. Still, the dissertation defense is carried out in a more official format, which subsequently does not imply statements related to foul language. Of course, all words in the review must be clearly written if it is a review in paper form or correctly printed in electronic form. There are cases when the words in the review are written incorrectly, after which such a review may not be accepted for viewing.

That is, we can say that the review may be rejected for several reasons:

  1. Incorrectly formatted;

  2. The meaning of the review is filled with obscene statements;

  3. The review is written illegibly or typed incorrectly.

Dissertation Feedback Deadlines

Somewhere 10 days before the date of defense, the person who wrote the dissertation should receive feedback from opponents and the leading institution. These are the two main reviews that must be mandatory before the defense stage. The defense council resource should be notified of the defense procedure and should also receive feedback from the research supervisor or science advisor. Recall that in the first case, a review is written to receive a candidate, and in the second, to receive a doctor.

How to find out information about your opponent?

All data on opponents, leading institutions and consultants should be freely available on the site. On the same site (the platform of the institution where the defense procedure is planned) there should be reviews of the opponent and the leading institution. It is important that reviews that are submitted on the day of defense or after it, of course, are not considered.

Those reviews that have already been published should hang until the defense itself, as well as after it until the moment the scientific title is awarded (by decision of the Ministry of Education and Science). After that, all reviews can be deleted. By the way, if the dissertation is not defended, then all reviews and materials on scientific work will be transferred to a single information base.

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