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About BGT

Beargrass Media LLC d.b.a Beargrass Thunder is a media company & native plant nursery based in the neighborhood of Smoketown - Louisville, KY. The company was founded by Jody Dahmer, Richard Stottman, and Mariah Corso in October of 2018 starting out as a podcast/YouTube channel, and eventually evolved into what it is today! We will always stay true to our goal of helping people connect with and improve their local environment and communities.

Who we are

Beargrass Thunder was founded by Louisville natives Jody Dahmer and Richard Stottman as well as Dr. Mariah Corso from PA.


Jody Dahmer



Hello & welcome! I am the President and co-founder of Beargrass Thunder. I help brainstorm content creation as well as conduct interviews and on-the-ground research & field work for promoting urban agriculture & cleaner air, water, and soil.


 I was born and raised between Louisville, KY & Cumberland County (Burkesville) all my life and I am so proud to be
Queer in the Commonwealth. 


Beargrass Thunder has been a way for me to help merge my interests in nature, advocacy and my skills as a mapmaker to help make this city better for all residents -- regardless of their ability to drive! I’m so proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time and look forward to partnering with more community groups to educate about “yardens”, transit, and two-way streets across the Commonwealth!

Dr. Mariah Corso



Hi! I’m Mariah! I am the treasurer of Beargrass Thunder and created the seed packet and nursery product lines we have today.


I love cats, sleeping, puzzles, and crime documentaries.  Politics and advocacy are two very important passions in my life and I’m thrilled I get to bring them to life every day with my work in Beargrass Thunder. I'm also from Pittsburgh.


I look forward to making videos and educating youth about the challenges and success they can have in their own “yarden” while pressuring politicians to make our changes legal and county-wide!



Our work wouldn't be possible without our support team!

BGT Intern

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