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Backyard Biodiversity: Urban Yardens

Introducing Backyard Biodiversity: where Beargrass Thunder and sometimes special guests walk you through their backyard or other areas and talk about what's growing and the insects & wildlife who are visiting.
Learn how to identify KY-native plants and their benefits to our local ecosystem!

About Backyard Biodiversity

Why go through the hassle of mowing your lawn every week, using toxic pesticides, weed killers, and other chemicals that pollute the groundwater, local wildlife, and surrounding environment when you could promote the growth of diverse plants, wildlife, and nature with minimal effort?

Beargrass Thunder wants to increase awareness of the utter pointlessness of "lawn maintenance" and promote people using their yards as a space to increase biodiversity as well as saving time and money! Keep up to date with our Backyard Biodiversity series on YouTube or take a look at our blog posts below. If you live around Louisville, are using your yard for wild growth, growing food, or even flowers and would be willing to do an interview with Beargrass Thunder, please reach out to us at!

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