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2023 Update!

We're very excited to announce we are partnering with the Shelby Park, Meriwether and Toonerville neighborhood associations to beautify the KYTC lots on either side of the pedestrian bridge!


This includes tree plantings, art installations, mood lighting,  native wildflower installations, and community events across three different historic neighborhoods of Louisville.

Preston Street Lot: Shelby Park

Introducing a new community placemaking project, currently referred to as the 'Preston Street Lot' in the urban Louisville neighborhood of Shelby Park!

This is an official project coordinated by the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association with lots of partners including Miranda Construction and Beargrass Thunder, as well as residents & neighbors of Shelby Park. A special thanks to Louisville Grows, who donated plants for the community garden, as well as the Hyman family who owns and allows the use of the lot and have also donated supplies.

The lot currently has multiple raised beds growing flowers and veggies, a rain barrel, and Nora's Food Pantry. Mulch and wood chips have been spread over unused pavement, and invasive plants are being cleared and replaced with native plants! We hope to install additional raised beds as well as benches or some form of seating soon.


The goal of this project is to provide the community with fresh veggies and safe place to hang out, as well as helping pollinators and combatting the Urban Heat Island Effect.

If you would like to donate to this project, you can mail a check to SPNA or submit an online form: - Be sure to include 'Preston Street Lot' in the memo or subject line.

If you would like to visit, the address of the lot is 1442 South Preston Street. Please be respectful of our neighbors and community space.

Stay tuned for updates on this amazing community placemaking project!

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