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Beargrass Thunder is now an officially licensed local nursery on a mission to sling KY-native seeds!

That's right folks: Beargrass Thunder is now officially licensed in the state of Kentucky as a nursery! Seed packets are now available and on sale on our online shop: just head on over to to make your order.


We're excited to offer 3 new "Beargrass Blendz":

Common Mountain Mint - Pycnanthemum virginianum -0.3g

Slender Mountain Mint - Pycnanthemum tenuifolium -0.3g

Hairy Mountain Mint - Pycnanthemum verticillatum var. pilosum - 0.3g

This Mountain Mint mix is a pollinator must: These three different varieties of Mountain Mint attract bees, butterflies, and more!

Cardinal Flower - Lobelia cardinalis - 0.25g

Rose Mallow - Hibiscus laevis - 0.3g

Blue Vervain - Verbena hastata - 0.3g

Bees go CRAZY for our Rose Mallow (Kentucky's only native hibiscus flower). While Cardinal Flower is a big hummingbird attractor, native pollinators of all kinds love Blue Vervain as well!

Butterfly Weed - Asclepias tuberosa - 0.3g

Lance-leaf Coreopsis - Coreopsis lanceolata - 0.3g

Foxglove Beardtongue - Penstemon digitalis - 0.3g

Butterfly Weed is true to its name and has beautiful orange bloom. Lance-leaf Coreopsis is a beautiful tall yellow flower that pollinators love. Finally, Foxglove Beardtongue has the cutest bell shaped white flowers that bees love to crawl into!

We will also begin selling packets containing individual species of seeds! We're adding more options weekly, and currently have the above species available in individual packets.

Don't miss out! Subscribe to our email list by entering your info at the bottom of the page to be notified when new seeds, plants, and merchandise become available!

Thanks for supporting local business!


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