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Beargrass News Roundup: 08/08/2019

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Introducing.....Beargrass News! We've had a lot of positive response to the news roundup segments, and want to be able to brand our message a bit more, and post it whenever we feel like because deadlines are hell anyway.

Our articles revolve around these two main points:

  • We want a city and state where all neighborhoods and generations can traverse our region with or without a car.

  • Kentucky is great because of its natural beauty, and cities and nature can coexist without 1950s-era rules and regulations.

By advocating for what we want to replicate in Louisville, hopefully we can find like-minded people to help support our message (Looking at you, elected officials)!

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Want to Get Caught Up with West End News?

Louisville has a lot going on, in every neighborhood of the city. We also (still) have a HEAVILY segregated city -- as in Top 5 nationally kind of segregated. This didn't happen by accident. Look at data from the 2010 Census, courtesy of the University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.

Do you notice the white space of parking lots and interstates separating black (green) residents from white (blue)?

For our city to thrive, we have to stop being scared of going to places outside of your culture or neighborhood. Inequality affects everyone, and shutting people out of jobs and economic opportunity keeps the whole city down. There are some amazing people doing some amazing things here, and we need to lift them up.

I know some of our readers haven't been in the West End since accidentally driving past 9th Street when you were going to Museum Row, but check out these publications and give some help and outreach to our neighbors.

A great website (and featured in LEO!) on real people and their lives in the eight neighborhoods - California,Algonquin, Shawnee, Park Hill, Portland, Russell, Chickasaw, and ParkDuValle - that make up the West End. Just like the Highlands, the West End has neighborhoods that have their own culture and businesses. Russell and Portland have both been in the news for the amount of new investment and infrastructure being reinvested back into the neighborhood.

A regional powerhouse that has already secured millions of dollars in investment to West End projects, including a new initiative to build a track and field complex on a former tobacco factory site.

A new newspaper that promises to give a fair commission to potential salespeople, Colors for West Louisville founder, Rev. Gerome Sutton of the African American Think Tank , created the paper to combat the negative one-sided coverage usually attributed to crime or other negative stories.

“Can’t nobody outside our community tell our story like us. I wouldn’t be arrogant enough, or conceited enough, to think I can tell the story of somebody that lives in the Highlands. But I can tell the story of a resident of the West End and a black man living in America. Colors will tell it exact, precise and to the point,” (Insider Louisville, Jones M., 2019)

Salespeople will walk a traditional newspaper beat , promoting face to face community interaction and commerce.


KY Gas Pipeline Explosions and We Want A NEW Pipeline?

LG&E is planning to sue landowners in the path of a new gas pipeline seeking to open northern Bullitt County to development along the Salt River watershed , Bernheim Arboretum and Parklands of Floyds Fork.

If that ever leaked, the water supply of Shepherdsville is f****ed

When development happens along a watershed, where do you think the sewage goes? Yep, into the same watershed on which you are trying to kayak.

It just so happens there was a gas pipline EXPLOSION just the other day in Kentucky, but that definitely won't happen to this one....right?

If the pipeline is built, we better have a bike trail built in the utility corridor!



The latest news on the ongoing "War on Panhandling" has the Louisville Metro Police Chief saying that it is dangerous to be on roads without a personal vehicle.

So, what does that mean for elderly pedestrians walking to the store or bicyclists? How are homeless expected to afford cars to drive them to job centers?

For the love of God , stop trying to fine people that don't have money.


Want to see something really criminal?

Here is the current list of auto fatalities for the last four years, with data directly from Kentucky State Police.

2019 fatalities to date: 409

Same Period in 2018:404

Same Period in 2017:427

Same Period in 2016:455

Same Period in 2015:406

Total Fatalities for 2018 :723

The fatalities aren't going down.

If you heard that e-scooters were killing 723 people PER YEAR , wouldn't you want to do something about it? Why not with cars?

The awkward truth is that we are so dependent on the car that there is currently no real alternative that is as fast or efficient for life in Kentucky.

We all know people that have lost their lives or been injured in car accidents. Not only this, but dead people can't pay bills for their family or taxes to the government. A death can affect much more than people think, and this can have a ripple effect on generations of people fighting to get out of poverty.


What to Do About Horse Deaths?

Animal activists in California are gaining support to ban the horse racing industry statewide. As California is usually a social litmus test, what should Kentucky do to both help the welfare of our thoroughbreds and all of the business that support thousands of jobs in our state?


Local Events

We're still about two weeks out from this, but it looks amazing! If you are a fan or horror, nature, or the legendary Pope Lick monster, definitely check out !

According to soon-to-be-deceased Insider Louisville,

"Creature Feature kicks up some ho-ho-horror on Saturday, June 20, at the Pope Lick Haunted Woods, 4002 S. Pope Lick Road. Activities start at 8 p.m., and the movie starts at dusk. The event returns Saturday, Aug. 17, with a double feature of “Night of the Living Dead” and “Seven,” then haunts again on Friday, Sept. 13 with “Friday the 13th: Parts III and XI.”

Stay tuned for new articles coming next week!

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