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Rising water levels in south fork of Beargrass Creek - 6/24/19

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Today (June 24, 2019), Jody and I walked along the bank of the south fork of Beargrass Creek and under the 264 underpass to peek at how high the water levels had gotten after all the rain and storms in Jefferson County.

We knew the water had been all the way up the bank due to how wet the ground was, and that most of the footprints and trash had been washed away. We did see that a raccoon had left some reason tracks, and I found a dollar bill neatly tucked into the ground! Lots of birds (probably swallows) had built nests and were out feeding on the insects.

Some apartment buildings are only 8 to 10 feet away from the bank that is becoming increasingly eroded. We wonder what will happen if there is a flood; will the apartment buildings just be washed away? Is anyone even thinking about this at all?

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