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Have you ever heard of "Frog Park"? [Hal Warheim Park: Parks of Louisville]

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Last week we wanted to check out a new park in the area. We had heard some buzz about a "Frog Park" and after doing some research discovered Hal Warheim Park.

The entrance is almost completely unnoticeable from the street. Jody and I were both utterly confused when Google Maps let us know we had reached our destination when all we could see were houses in the middle of the neighborhood. It was only when we had parked the car and were walking on foot that we noticed the engraved rock and post marking the path leading into the park.

The narrow entrance path starts at the sidewalk and goes in between two houses. There's a bike rack, a "little library" full of books to read, and an info sign post where you can read some info about the park. The small "welcome bear" made us feel right at home.

A little ways down the narrow path is an amazing owl statue. The details are absolutely incredible. There's also signs stating the rules of the park which include foot traffic only, and that all pets must be picked up after and kept on a leash.

After turning the corner we come across a beautiful memorial for Hal Warheim, the park's founder. The inscription reads: "I believe that to create something which enhances the enjoyment and welfare of our neighbors is one of life's greatest privileges and pleasers and to be known as a good neighbour is a great honor. Hal Warheim 1931-2017."

Branching off the main path, we enjoyed a gorgeous meditation garden which included a bench swing surrounded by a delightful selection of flowers and trees providing a calming and serene place to sit, relax, and be one with nature.

The main part of the park includes a large gazebo with plenty of benches, a sizable playground complete with slides and swings, and more swinging benches for the adults as well as a water fountain, trash bins, and other park necessities.

Here we found the famous frog that the park is nicknamed after, as well as an intricately-carved troll and giant totem pole. Apparently these were carved from the wood of three fallen trees after heavy storms in 2013.

Before the path loops back upon itself, there is a picnic area in a heavily-shaded area. It's the perfect view of the main area of the park. While we were here we observed some local wildlife including a rabbit as well as some butterflies.

Needless to say we had an amazing time at Hal Warheim Park. It's an awesome hidden gem that we would have never guessed existed in the middle of a suburban neighborhood in the suburbs of Louisville. The park has a rich and interesting history, and serves as an inspiration to us at Beargrass Thunder for how a relatively small space can be transformed into something truly incredible.

You can learn more about the park's history, how to get there, and what you can do to support it at You can view more pictures and videos on our Facebook page and can help us out by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Keep up to date by subscribing to our mailing list to be notified of new updates on our website. If you would like to reach out to us for any reason, contact us at!

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Pavlo Savchenko
Mar 23, 2023

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