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Andrew Owen : 2022 Louisville Metro Council Candidate - District 9

Beargrass Thunder was excited to interview Andrew Owen as they run for District 15 Metro Council

The platform of Andrew Owen includes

  • Social Equity

  • Public Spaces

  • Neighborhood Business

  • Public Safety

We had a great time talking to Andrew Owen, a candidate for Metro Council District 9 about neighborhood issues and what they want to do as an elected official.

Andrew Owen has been a neighborhood organizer and leader, have partnered in the development of affordable housing, and have been a leader in historic preservation and community development. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I bring a strong understanding of budgets and finance.

We spoke with Andrew on these issues

1. Yardens/Urban Agriculture

2. Improving Transit and connected neighborhoods

3. What are your thoughts on rebranding neighborhoods (Greater Germantown, Nulu, etc)

4. Thoughts on safety in Louisville

5. First thing to do elected as Metro Council

This is her district, if you live in ANY of these neighborhoods, you are eligible to vote!

If you would like to donate, ask a question, or have an idea, you can find more info at or email them directly by sending an email to


Thanks again to Andrew Owen for taking the time to answer our questions. If you're interested in hearing more from Beargrass Thunder , you can gain access to our exclusive video by joining our Patreon!

Stay up to date! We intend to release more interviews with other 2022 Louisville Metro candidates. Make sure you're subscribed to our youtube channel, and you can enter your email below to sign up for our website.

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