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Falls City Community Bikeworks Beer Tasting "Fun-Raiser" was a major success!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We had a blast with Falls City Community Bikeworks and friends at Tim Faulkner Art Gallery for their first ever "fun-raiser" beer tasting event! We met with some awesome people and spoke to guests about the accomplishments of FCCB as well as the future of #biking in Louisville.


The event took place at Tim Faulkner Art Gallery in the Shelby Park neighborhood. Jody, Nikole, and I got there before the event officially started to check out some of the vendors and talk to some sponsors. We enjoyed some refreshing local beer by New Belgium Brewing And West Sixth Brewing, and enjoyed some gourmet weiners by Red Top Hotdogs food truck.

Not even 15 minutes into the start of the event, the place was already packed. The DJ was bumping jams, guests were getting into the beer tasting, and the silent auction for the rad cruiser bike was a hit. Needless to say the event was a major success.

While we were there, we talked with some guests, organizers, and sponsors about a wide range of topics including Falls City Community Bikeworks' accomplishments and goals, improving our local community, and the future of biking in Louisville. We even met up with a new Beargrass Thunder fan who was there because of our previous video on Falls City Community Bikeworks (shout out)!!

The event was made possible by TARC, who was the event's main sponsor, along with Gresham Smith, the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association, and Bryce Biery Construction. Thanks again to New Belgium Brewing and West Sixth Brewing for serving an assortment of delicious beer, and to Red Top Gourmet Hot Dogs for the tasty eats!

Falls City Community Bikeworks is truly a great cause. At the event they were celebrating some of their truly impactful accomplishments such as having over 5100 visitors to the local shop for education, volunteer work, and repair help, as well as helping hundreds of people to become empowered and learn about bicycle maintenance. Not only that, but over 400 bikes have been repaired and donated to local charities and groups who help with mobility independence, all within the last 5 years.

FCCB's actions perfectly align with their two part mission, with the overriding goal of making biking more affordable and widespread:

We provide the space, tools and expertise to any community member wishing to learn and practice bicycle maintenance.
We channel the donation of refurbished bicycles (and related equipment and skills) to Louisvillians in need of reliable transportation.

Please consider donating money, bikes, or bike parts, or even going into volunteer to help Falls City Community Bikeworks provide such a priceless service for our community. You can also support them by attending their workshops, bike-in events, and even just visiting the shop during shop hours listed on their website.


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