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Shannon Fauver - District Court Judge (Division 7)

Thanks to Shannon Fauver for contacting Beargrass Thunder! We did not have capacity for an interview before the primary, but wanted her name published for this COUNTY-WIDE election!

Shannon Fauver is running to become a District Court Judge for Jefferson County. She will be in the back of the ballot on May 17th.

She is running for District Court Division 7, but the election is Countywide.

Shannon has been a practicing lawyer in Louisville for 18 years and has represented client from Traffic Court to the U.S. Supreme Court. She has handled matters at all level in the Federal Court and at all levels in Courts in Jefferson County.

Shannon decided to go to law school, Brandeis School of Law (Louisville) after her service with the Peace Corps. She started her own law firm the day after she was sworn in to practice law and has been representing her client for their rights for the last 18 years.

Shannon has been endorsed my C-Fair and the RBBP of Louisville

~Possible Interview coming after Primary! ~

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