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Beargrass Thunder 2019 timeline & recap

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This year has been an eventful one, that's for sure. In celebration of the new year, we have compiled a timeline and recap of all the things that have taken place in the world of Beargrass Thunder. Check it out!


July 18 - idea for Beargrass Thunder brainstormed by Richard and Jody

October 23 - podcast pilot episode completed, featuring 'The Legend of the Pope Lick Trestle'


February 2 - Jody and Mariah move to Kemmons St.

February 18 -Beargrass Thunder Facebook page created

March 14 - Kemmons Street alley cleanup starts

April 2 - First piece of art hung up in alley (Mariah's Calvin & Hobbs school project)

May 10 - launched


June 1 - first article posted on Beargrass Thunder website on Kemmons Art Alley

June 8 - Beargrass Thunder YouTube channel launched

June 8 - First Beargrass Thunder video published: Poke Sallet Krazy Kentucky Recipes

June 13 - First of 'State of the Alley' vlog series published

June 13 - First of 'Backyard Biodiversity' vlog series published

June 18 - New 'Backyard Biodiversity' video

June 18 - New 'State of the Alley' video

June 18 - First 'Kentucky Nature Walk' video published: Jim King Trail

June 24 - First 'Beargrass Creek south fork site check' video published

June 25 - New 'Backyard Biodiversity' vlog

June 25 - New 'State of the Alley' vlog

June 30 - Interview with Rosemary Bauman and huge 45-min tour of Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve video for the 2nd installment of KY Nature Walks


July 1 - New 'Beargrass Creek south fork site check' video

July 13 - First 'Suburban Parks of Louisville' video published: Hal Warheim Park

July 18 - New 'Suburban Parks of Louisville' video: George Rogers Clark Park

July 19 - First 'Beargrass Thunder News Roundup' article published

July 20 - New 'Beargrass Creek south fork site check' video

July 24 - New 30-min 'Backyard Biodiversity' video featuring Rosemary Bauman

July 26 - New 'Beargrass Thunder News Roundup' article

July 30 - New 'State of the Alley' vlog

July 31 - New Kentucky Nature Walk: Woodland Garden of Broad Run Park


August 4 - New 'Beargrass Thunder News Roundup' article

August 10 - First 'Local Louisville' video published: Idlewild Butterfly Farm

August 11 - New 'Local Louisville' video: Derby City Antique Mall

August 18 - Interview with TARC and video tour of historic Union Station

August 25 - Hard Hat tour of Waterfront Botanical Gardens

August 31 - Louvelo bikes vs. Bird scooter review


September 7 - 'Kentucky Food Forest' video series published: Spicebush berries and Pawpaw fruit

September 7 - New 'State of the Alley' vlog

September 7 - First article en espanol published: 'Un bosque de comida: bayas de Spicebush y fruta de Pawpaw'

September 8 - Interview with Master Gardener Janie Kanzler and video tour of Louisville Nature Center's Sensory Garden

September 19 - Louvelo Interview and ebike prototype test

September 19 - Falls City Community Bikeworks interview and video tour

September 23 - Interview and video tour of KSU's state of the art pawpaw orchard


October 5 - New Krazy Kentucky Recipe video: Pine Needle Tea

October 6 - New Beargrass Creek south fork site check video

October 7 - Beargrass Thunder featured on front page of Courier Journal for Kemmons Alley Art project!

October 19 - New 'State of the Alley' vlog

October 19 - Falls City Community Bikeworks "Fun-Raiser" video

October 23 - New 'State of the Alley' vlog

October 26 - The Clifton Chicken Steps video

October 27 - SpooKY: Legend of the Pope Lick Monster


November 6 - Election Retrospection: Beargrass Thunder News article (en espanol)

November 9 - The Wetlands of Arthur K Draut Park: Suburban Parks of Louisville

November 9 - Roland St. Alley - New alley project

November 10 - St. Matthews' Brown Park: Suburban Parks of Louisville

November 10 - Louisville Grows' Healthy House in Portland: Local Louisville

November 21 - New Beargrass Thunder News Roundup article

November 23 - Turtle Tracking in the Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve

November 27 - New 'State of the Alley' vlog

November 30 - Ash Tree Removal and Deer Population in the Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve at the Louisville Nature Center video and article


December 1 - TARC LINC transit article (en espanol)

December 14 - Beargrass Thunder Patreon page launched

December 15 - Beargrass Thunder 2019 Timeline & Recap (you are here)

Beargrass Thunder have big plans for 2020. Some of our plans and goals include expanding our work with alleys around town, organizing cleanups of Beargrass Creek, doing seed-swaps and nature hikes, tree plantings, and of course, increasing the quality and consistency of the content we provide for you.

Something we are a little nervous about is launching a Patreon. If you're out of the loop, Patreon is a platform for creators to connect with fans, provide exclusive content and rewards, and provide a form of consistent income. Beargrass Thunder will be trying it out during the new year. We think it could help us connect more with our fanbase, and also help cover things like website fees, Adobe software we use to create content, and even allow us to organize local events. A few bucks a month can really go a long way, and increase the quality and amount of content we can put out. If you have a few dollars to spare, check out our page and consider becoming one of our patrons!

If you haven't already, you can also help us out by liking our Facebook page, subscribing to our YouTube channel, and joining our website's mailing list. We're nearing lots of important milestones; just clicking a couple buttons can give us that little boost we need.

With that out of the way, we at Beargrass Thunder wish you Happy Holidays, and a prosperous New Year! Stay tuned for interesting and engaging content as well as some exciting announcements in the near future! Peace out, girlscouts.

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