Beargrass Thunder 2019 timeline & recap

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This year has been an eventful one, that's for sure. In celebration of the new year, we have compiled a timeline and recap of all the things that have taken place in the world of Beargrass Thunder. Check it out!


July 18 - idea for Beargrass Thunder brainstormed by Richard and Jody

October 23 - podcast pilot episode completed, featuring 'The Legend of the Pope Lick Trestle'


February 2 - Jody and Mariah move to Kemmons St.

February 18 -Beargrass Thunder Facebook page created

March 14 - Kemmons Street alley cleanup starts

April 2 - First piece of art hung up in alley (Mariah's Calvin & Hobbs school project)

May 10 - launched


June 1 - first article posted on Beargrass Thunder website on Kemmons Art Alley

June 8 - Beargrass Thunder YouTube channel launched

June 8 - First Beargrass Thunder video published: Poke Sallet Krazy Kentucky Recipes

June 13 - First of 'State of the Alley' vlog series published

June 13 - First of 'Backyard Biodiversity' vlog series published

June 18 - New 'Backyard Biodiversity' video

June 18 - New 'State of the Alley' video

June 18 - First 'Kentucky Nature Walk' video published: Jim King Trail

June 24 - First 'Beargrass Creek south fork site check' video published

June 25 - New 'Backyard Biodiversity' vlog

June 25 - New 'State of the Alley' vlog

June 30 - Interview with Rosemary Bauman and huge 45-min tour of Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve video for the 2nd installment of KY Nature Walks


July 1 - New 'Beargrass Creek south fork site check' video

July 13 - First 'Suburban Parks of Louisville' video published: Hal Warheim Park

July 18 - New 'Suburban Parks of Louisville' video: George Rogers Clark Park

July 19 - First 'Beargrass Thunder News Roundup' article published

July 20 - New 'Beargrass Creek south fork site check' video

July 24 - New 30-min 'Backyard Biodiversity' video featuring Rosemary Bauman

July 26 - New 'Beargrass Thunder News Roundup' article

July 30 - New 'State of the Alley' vlog

July 31 - New Kentucky Nature Walk: Woodland Garden of Broad Run Park


August 4 - New 'Beargrass Thunder News Roundup' article

August 10 - First 'Local Louisville' video published: Idlewild Butterfly Farm

August 11 - New 'Local Louisville' video: Derby City Antique Mall

August 18 - Interview with TARC and video tour of historic Union Station

August 25 - Hard Hat tour of Waterfront Botanical Gardens

August 31 - Louvelo bikes vs. Bird scooter review


September 7 -